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Hot Chocolate Preparation

Hot Chocolate preparation

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HOT CHOCOLATE is created to satisfy even the finest palates of true chocolate connoisseurs. Hot Chocolate, known as the “drink of the gods”, will surely brighten up your sleepy mornings or worm up the cold evenings. With its rich and full taste of delicious milk chocolate and thick and creamy texture it will win you over with the first sip.


Preparation: dissolve (25 g) of powder in (125 ml) of milk. Heat until desired density of the drink.
Preparation with an espresso machine: Add (25 – 28g) of powder into a cup of warm milk (120 – 130 ml) and stir until dissolved. Steam with the espresso machine to the desired density of the drink.
Preparation on the stove: Add (25 – 28g) of powder into a cooking pot and mix with (120 – 130 ml) of warm milk. While stirring, heat until the mixture thickens.

For a thick drink, extend the cooking time, and for the rarer add milk.

Preparation in a microwave: dissolve (25 – 28g) of powder with (120 – 130 ml) milk into a cup suitable for use in the microwave. Cook at about 750W or using the hot beverage setting. Cooking time is 45 – 60 sec. Check the density and cook for additional 10 – 15 seconds if necessary. If you are preparing several cups at a time, extend the cooking time by 15 sec. per cup and to the desired density.

Caution – hot drink. Leave min. 1 minute before consumption.

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