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PROMIGO Quality and tradition since 1994

100% Natural Whey Protein powder which can be used by athletes and recreative users as a food supplement or meal replacement during high intensity workouts in sports.  Contains a high protein content and Digestive Enzymes (lactase, alpha amylase, neutral protease, lipase, cellulase) which ensure good digestion properties. Lightly sweetened by Sucralose, without added sugars.

Choose from a wide range of flavors and enjoy a delicious drink at any time whether you are on the road, gym or just resting at home after a hard workout.

Available flavors: Natural, Chocolate, Chocolate & Hazelnut, Chocolate & Coconut, Vanilla Cream, Cappuccino, Salty Caramel, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Cinnamon,…

Protein content: from 75 – 80 g per 100g of powder (depending on the flavor)

Product description:

  • Excellent solubility in hot or cold drinks
  • Can be mixed with water or milk
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar (sweetened with Sucralose)
  • With added digestive enzymes
  • Thick and creamy texture
  • Wide range of flavors (any flavor available per request)

Appearance: fine powder
Taste and aroma: sweet, characteristic for whey protein drinks.

Certification: HACCP
Shelf life: 24 months
Country of origin: Croatia (EU)

Product advantages:

  • Instantized which insures excellent solubility
  • Optimal price and quality ratio
  • Wide range flavors and packaging options
  • Small minimal order quantities


  • 25 g – 30 g single-serving sachet
  • 100 g – 1.000 g bag
  • 10 kg – 25 kg paper bag
  • 50 kg carton box
  • Others on request.
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